Caring for Hair Rebonding and Smoothing in

Jul 30th

Rebonding and smoothing, hair straightening is a process that makes a wayward hair look naturally straight. Hair that has been doing this process, it needs good care and regular.

Hair Products Straightening
Hair Products Straightening

How to hair care after rebonding or smoothing that durable good result, to do them with the following tips:

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Caring for Hair Rebonding and Smoothing in

1. Clean your hair regularly using a gentle shampoo and always end  ritual shampoo with a conditioner. These tips will make the hair more volume, appear healthy, and extra shiny.

2. Note the ingredients in hair care products, When in the womb there or alcohol, immediately stop using the product because both the content can make hair dry and damaged increases.

3. Use Anti-Frizz Anti-Frizz spray or oil to moisturize the hair and prevent frizz.

4. If you want to use vise hair to straight hair, use a hair moisturizer or a product that can moisturize the hair, so that was not exposed to dry heat. It’s best not to overuse hair clamp, because it can eliminate the moisture.

5. Do not overuse styling tools. If you have to, try adjusting the temperature of styling equipment until not too hot and damage the hair.

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6. After rebonding hair should not be colored because it will make hair dry and brittle.

7. Rebonding hair care, avoid the habit of clamping or tying the hair too long, especially if you just finished.

8. Use also conditioner to keep the hair to prevent hair moisture quickly broken.

9. Use a hair mask twice a week.

10. Do not forget to give vitamin hair to keep hair healthy and beautiful.

11. How to treat hair rebonding, rebonding to maintain the results, you should use a shampoo specifically recommended care according to the condition of the hair.

12. The use of treatment product regularly will address the various problems of dryness, dullness, loss, even able to reduce dandruff.

13. Avoid combing hair in a position to head down and brush it excessively, as this will damage your hair akara.

14. Hair care after rebonding, hair coloring avoid, at least 2 to 4 weeks and do a treatment to restore the vitality of your hair every week or every two weeks, can be done in a salon or at home.

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