Habit Destroyer Appearance Women

Aug 9th

The Eve in appearance, especially the makeup and body treatment, often make bad habits that can actually bring disaster. What is it?
Reported Sheknows, following some bad habits that often women are bad for performance.

Women And Appearance
Women And Appearance

Habit Destroyer Appearance Women

Never wash your makeup brushes
Cosmetic brush you put on the makeup bag is a hotbed of disease and germs. If you never clean your cosmetic tools – at least once a week – they will be contaminated by dead skin cells, oil, even bakteri. Diseases such as allergic reactions and infections of the skin. So, make cosmetic cleaning tool as important as cleaning your face. Bit of baby shampoo, warm water and a little soap quite helpful.

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Use eyeliner on the lash line
No matter how many celebrities use eyeliner inside the lash line eyes, avoid! The doctors warned that this can clog the pores of oil, which helps the production of tears, on the outskirts of the eyelids you.If hole was clogged pore, you will suffer from dry eye syndrome, which can cause inflammation. If not treated, it can damage the eyes and cause blindness.

Not careful in nail salon
A perfect pampering experience – spa luxury pedicure foot followed. But be careful where you do care, and pay close attention to the habit of the therapist.
If spa does not do periodic cleaning to foot tub with anti-mold cleaner, then place it could be fertile ground for infection foot. Using same tools for every client can also transmit warts, which disebabkann by the human papilloma virus (HPV), also bacterial and fungal infections. All equipment must pass through the liquid disinfectant before switching clients.

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Ignore discomfort in the salon
Be careful with painful stiffness in the neck when your hair washed at the salon. Studies suggest that uncomfortable position when you’re washed in the salon, in some cases, can lead to stroke. This occurs because the arteries in the neck stuck, cutting blood flow to the brain.
This can cause dizziness, facial numbness, and even blood clots. Avoid this by using a towel as a pad, or ask your hair washed rather advanced.

Do check careless hair
You’ve painted the hair before and want to make changes appearance – so why should they test as suggested label? Since allergic reactions can occur and the results can be very serious.
Organic compounds known as PPD in hair dyes are common in can lead to anaphylactic reactions in some severe cases, which can be fatal.
More recently, a teenager from England named Tabatha McCourt collapsed and died after suffering extreme reaction due to hair dye.
Hair dye labeled ‘natural,’ organic ‘or’ eco ‘does not guarantee that does not contain PPD in it. There is a campaign to ban PPD done, but while it is better to use dyes that fade after six weeks or allergy test 48 hours before hair painting.
Iain Copy, a trichologist, said: “Even if you’ve dyed hair 100 times before, you can still suffer from an allergy at any time.”

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Borrowing lipstick and eye make-up
Lips, mouth, and throat are home to all sorts of germs and you can not tell whether your friend is germ free only from looking at it.
In addition to fever and flu viruses that can potentially infect your lips can rupture and bleed, and eventually transferring diseases incubate in the blood.
In addition, bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause severe skin infections, often found in eye makeup. Conjunctivitis (eye inflammation) can easily be passed as well.

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