Hair Coloring Can Make Cancer?

Sep 17th

Hair coloring can be done to camouflage gray hair. However, is it true hair dyes cause cancer? Indeed, the researchers still have not agreed on this. Some of the chemicals contained in hair dyes are believed to be absorbed through the scalp. This area has so many blood vessels, which will drain these chemical substances to other body parts. It’s good you are aware of this danger. Especially if you include people who frequent hair coloring to change the appearance.

Women Hairstyles Color for 2014
Women Hairstyles Color for 2014

Hair Coloring Can Make Cancer?

To stay safe, you should avoid hair dyes that are semi-permanent and permanent. According to recent reports, this type of hair dye was the potential to cause cancer if used too often. In fact, there is research that shows that the hair stylist who often use these two types of dye on its customers is likely to make the customers affected by bladder cancer. The good news: until now there has been no consistent evidence that the use of home-based hair dyes may increase cancer risk. A review of the various types of studies published in the journal Cancer Causes & Control itself does not infer any direct connection between hair dye use on an individual basis with bladder cancer.

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Whatever the risks, a clear threat of disease resulting from the use of hair dyes is still practically small. However, you can use hair dyes that are natural. Such dyes derived from plant material, such as henna dye.