How to Straighten Natural Hair Naturally

Aug 4th

How to Straighten Natural Hair is certainly an easy way that we can try, How to Straighten Natural Hair we no longer have to expend a lot of capital because one way to straighten hair is a great way for you to try, as it will help you in your damaged hair, Hair Straightening Ways of course you will be confident again because it has been back has beautiful hair and straight, so we can provide a way to make hair beautiful and straight in a natural way. Well below are available way to straighten hair that you can try and use in order to quickly resolve your hair damaged.

Straight Styles for Natural Hair
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How to Straighten Natural Hair Naturally

Take a few leaves of fresh celery and mashed to pieces and give a little water. After that squeeze and take the extract water. Then into the bottle and inapkan up overnight. New morning can be used as Cream Bath [by way of a massage until evenly throughout the scalp], and then rinse with water and wash with a suitable shampoo.
That requires extra moisturizer for the hair to avoid hair dull and unruly. Natural ingredients such as milk and coconut milk are good ingredients to nourish the hair and scalp to get the hair straight and smooth. Here’s a way of processing the material to Straighten Hair Naturally

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Milk Mix half a cup of milk with half a cup of plain water. The mixture in a spray bottle, then spray on the hair. Let stand for 20 to 25 minutes, then comb hair until smooth. After that, you can rinse the hair with a shampoo and conditioner.

Coconut milk and lemon juice
Mix one cup of milk with half a cup of lemon juice. After that, chill the mixture in the refrigerator so it turned into a thick cream. Then smeared the mixture on the hair until evenly distributed. Massage the scalp, then wrap your hair with a shower cap. Let stand until dry, about an hour.

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If you routinely perform this treatment, your hair will be smooth and straight. Should do this treatment two to three times a week. It is not recommended to do it every day because the materials above contain a lot of oil, so it can make the scalp has excess oil if done too often. Maybe just that way and Natural Hair Straightening Tips. I can describe. may be useful for you.

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