Keep Hair From Loss

Aug 1st

Hair loss not only affects the parents. These problems have also started facing those aged 20 years and over. Exposure to chemicals on the hair and unhealthy lifestyles trigger. What is the solution?

How To Prevent Hair Loss For Men Naturally
How To Prevent Hair Loss For Men Naturally

Keep Hair From Loss

Expression of women’s hair as a crown proper. See, if the hair has started falling out the weather must have been like a panic. However, not only in women, hair loss problems for most men deemed too disturbing. If you’re one of them, try to start now to observe how the form of hair loss is experienced.

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According to Dr. Farmina Santoso, there are several types of hair loss. The first hair breakage. This type of damage to the hair to become brittle or porous in the trunk. The cause is due to exposure to chemicals and temperature due to heat styling. Especially if it were not for bouffant, in-hair spray, hair dryer, hair clamp, and the use of hair dye. In the meantime, there are also hair loss due to uprooted.

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“This condition can be caused by fungi or infected hair follicles,” said a woman who is often called Nina.

Nina continued, there are some aspects of the causes of hair loss. In which the failure of hair growth due to genetic disorders, hair shaft abnormalities, abnormalities of the hair cycle, as well as damage to the hair follicles caused by exogenous factors such as trauma or stress, exposure to heat from styling tools, and chemicals from hair dye.

Unhealthy lifestyle, the effects of certain medications, as well as the use of products that do not correspond to the condition of the scalp and hair, also a trigger hair loss. The good news is basically hair loss is normal because the hair has its own life cycle.

“What to watch is if the hair loss is prolonged by the number more than 100 strands per day,” said Dr. Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic, United States, quoted from

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Melissa explained, the last strand of hair can grow up to 3-5 years in a healthy scalp. At the pores of the scalp, the average will be the regeneration of hair growth by as much as 20 times. Long hair grow and grow approximately 12 mm within one month. If you do not have cuts, hair will continue to grow to 107 cm long, before finally falling out and experiencing new growth in the same pores.

Broadly speaking there are three phases of hair growth. Anagen is the first phase. In this phase, the hair is actively growing and growing longer. This phase lasts approximately 3-5 years. Katagen second phase, this phase lasts between 3-4 weeks. In this phase, the growth of the hair cells are slowly starting to slow down before stopping. The third phase is the telogen.

In this phase, the hair follicles to shrink and move off to the surface of the scalp. This process lasts for 3-4 months. After the third pass through this phase, new hair will grow back to replace hair loss. Growth cycle takes up to 4 years and can be repeated 25 times. Nina offensive, improper diet, blood vessels in the hair that does not work well, aging, acute disease, and hormones, are factors that affect hair growth. For that, he was advised to treat hair properly.

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For those who are coloring your hair, use a special hair care products. Do not forget to give vitamins and conditioner on the hair. If you want to use a hair tonic, make sure your hair and scalp in a clean state so that penetration into the serum for the scalp becomes smooth. Food intake is also noteworthy. Melissa reminded to prevent hair loss, the hair follicles to be strong.

To strengthen it, can by eating fish, nuts, and yogurt, are rich in calcium and protein that makes nutritional balance. Drink plenty of water, take vitamin B is also recommended.

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