Myths Trigger Hair Loss

Jul 31st

Women will do anything to preserve the beauty of the crown hair. Understandably, hair is one of the elements of beauty of the female body. But how many of us, women, who have been free of all the myths about hair loss?

Double Crown Hair Myth
Double Crown Hair Myth

Eighty percent of cases of hair loss is not broken, but not because of the hair roots strong. It’s a myth or fact? The answer is, FACT, and the percentage that is the result of tests carried out in England in 2008.

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Myths Trigger Hair Loss

Not only that, most of the hair care products that claim to deal with hair loss can only handle the actual loss due to hair breakage, not because the roots of the hair is not strong. This means that beredaran products on the market are often the solution is not appropriate for the problem of hair loss.

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Next fact is a survey conducted by Edelman IndoPacific in 10 cities across Indonesia. The survey revealed 70 percent of Indonesian women experiencing hair loss. If seen from the variation of age, female hair loss can be experienced at any age, ranging from 16 years to 45 years and over.

But do not be afraid to read the facts. As it turns out, the stress it triggers hair loss. Once acquainted with the causes of hair loss from proven facts, we must also know what myths can trigger our fear of hair loss. Because believe the myth it would trap us in the problem of hair loss is more severe.

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