Overcoming Hair Loss

Jul 31st

Normally, human scalp has 100,000 hairs. Where the hair is also in a phase of life that is the growth phase, the resting phase and phase loss. This cycle will always spinning. Phase loss is said to be within normal limits when the amount of hair loss around 100-150 hairs per day. But if it has more than 150 strands of hair, then it is said to be abnormal. The causes include: factors Age, Heredity, hormonal changes especially testosterone, stress, use of drugs – drugs for cancer chemotherapy, the error in treating hair and also there are some diseases that can cause hair loss such as fungal infections of the scalp, the disease – thyroid disease, and iron deficiency anemia.

Home Remedies For Hair Loss
Home Remedies For Hair Loss
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Overcoming Hair Loss

To fix this do:
1. Avoid the use of chemicals on the hair for straightening, perming, coloring, and shaping hair
2. Avoid using a hair dryer or use a vise tool too often
3. Wash your hair regularly every 2 -3 times in 1 week using a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type and your scalp. Hair tonic can also help prevent hair loss, but if you have talent it will aggravate allergies your hair loss TSB
4. Increase healthy lifestyle with adequate rest, regular exercise at least 30 minutes every day to improve blood circulation
5. Stop smoking and reduce stress
6. Consuming foods rich in protein and iron

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There are also some medications that can be taken to overcome the loss like a drug – drugs of class minoxidil, finasteride, and Dutasteride. However, its use should be appropriate checks and indications made ??by the physician. If all efforts have been made, but the loss still occurs, you should see a dermatologist (sp. KK). So and Thank You

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