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Sep 13th

Prominent Hair Spring | Hair trends as well as fashion trends are clearly shown on the catwalk. Especially the spring of witnessed a series of new hair trends and highlights the most exciting fashion season – spring. Summarizing these trends will help you choose the right hairstyle for you this year.

Spring Hairstyles 2014

Natural beauty crowned

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Simple hairstyles are back with believers the trang.Bo past the hair by picky or be brushed thoroughly drying of a few years ago. Worshipers surprised by the top designers for their models walk the catwalk with the surprisingly simple hairstyle. Along with the minimalist trend of fashion, hair trends this year also signals a simple and religious effects on the natural beauty.

Remove the natural straight hair is the most basic trends spring of this year

Prominent Hair Spring

Rebecca Minkoff’s New York week or Versace prestigious catwalks of Milan are natural hairstyle as the early morning light loose hair of women. Not a lot of work, curling curls curly hair thoroughly or drying brush to perfect, natural hair with soft curls. Inspired by spring gently grab hair trends this spring.

You choose to fringe parties? Tend to fringe parties are a selection of Derek Lam Lanvin spring. Not the normal fringe parties as much last season, but the hair is brushed over the entire roof on the left or the right.

You choose to fringe parties? Whether party, please definitive brush all your hair back to one side. This hairstyle gives you a charm and make your face more attractive. This extremely simple hairstyle just a simple operation you can perform without the need to change too much, the minimalist trend is still dominant.

Sexy but simple

If you want to change your hairstyle from natural straight cymbals as Burberry Prorsum with tangled hair or Mila Chon with bangs trends of the 70s more attractive to a different hairstyle, but still adhered to the simplicity and a little bit wild, a bun or ponytail hairstyle for you.

Ponytail – never be old-fashioned and special

Not too new for this hairstyle has been popular for many years and is the hairstyle choice of many girls. Hair trends this spring is heated gently back bun hairstyle as twisted and tied in a ponytail …

A little mix of the perfect hair bun and hair tied ponytail, low bun hairstyle is preparing Mesmerized female fashion followers to introduce a series of prestigious fashion shows. Ponytail also change your style drastically when just an operation that turns you from a sweet girl into a girl and dynamic personality.

Light hair bun extremely easy to create your style will complement a strange hairstyle in your hair style collection

The mixing

Hairstyles special blend of two types of hair are the new hair trend this year. Small curls plaited and tied up like a princess stepped out from a fairy tale or strange hair style with loose hair behind hair and compact brush up on the roof.

This blend helps the hair very ordinary into the special and fancy hairstyles. Normal braided hair can be very small but they are plaited into sections and bound as the bride’s hair to make it special. You can leave a special but simple hairstyle to walk around or to the luxury dinner party.

Mix hairstyles will be the new trend in hair this year

Hair trend this spring toward the value of simple but natural, pure beauty of women. You can choose any hair style hair trend this year for the Lunar New Year.

Why not if the hair normally looks like came out from catwalk fashions, and hairstyles were selected on the runway ready for you to come out?

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