Shocking Toxins Inside Automobiles

Sep 7th

Shocking Toxins Inside Automobiles Asbestos

Shocking Toxins Inside Automobiles. Everyone knows that stepping into an automobile carries some risk. Most people worry about the potential for a car accident or a mechanical failure. But few realize that there is another aspect of driving that is also hazardous.

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Cars are a unique environment that are much different than the interior of a home. For example, researchers at the Ecology Center in Michigan discovered that heat and ultraviolet light could trigger the release of chemicals within cars that cause birth defects, impaired learning, liver toxicity and premature births. These harmful chemicals come from chemicals that are used to soften plastics in cars. They become harmful when they are inhaled.

Shocking Toxins Inside Automobiles. Most people know that cars release carbon monoxide, which can cause a variety of respiratory problems and even death after long-term exposure. While most carbon monoxide is dispersed into the atmosphere, carbon monoxide can become extremely lethal when a car is parked in an enclosed space.

Exposure to asbestos has been widely found to cause a multitude of health problems, the worst of which being mesothelioma, which is a terminal cancer. Asbestos gets into cars when a car receives a lot of repairs. These repairs cause asbestos to be released into the air, where it lingers. Brake pads, hood lining and clutch plates can contain asbestos. Car asbestos can be especially problematic when people are exposed to it from various sources.

Some motorists might notice dust that settles on the dashboard. This dust results from a flame retardant that is added to the car. One of the chemicals contained in the flame retardant — PBDEs — can dissipate into the air, where it is inhaled. This can result in a variety of health problems, including liver toxicity and birth defects. Shocking Toxins Inside Automobiles.

Sometimes it is difficult to predict where hazardous chemicals might be, since not all chemicals used in manufacturing are tested to be safe. The chlorine and bromide used on car doorknobs can cause problems with the thyroid for those who experience long-term exposure. Very high levels of these chemicals can lead to iodine problems, which can cause learning problems.

Shocking Toxins Inside Automobiles. While some chemicals aren’t tested, other chemicals have been highly tested and found to be extremely harmful. Benzene can cause vomiting and dizziness. At very high levels, benzene can lead to death. But this despite these dangers, benzene can be found in a car’s upholstery and dashboard.

While these chemicals might be shocking, keeping the car windows open and spending less time driving can reduce these chemicals.

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