Tips About Colors Hair Styles

Aug 3rd

Hair coloring at home alone can be a process that was terrible and sometimes does not run successfully. With a wide range of colors, brands and formulas that can be selected in the market, it might be difficult to know which products are best for you? Here, a professional hair stylist to give answers to some of your questions.

Black Hair Color Tips
Black Hair Color Tips

Tips About Colors Hair Styles

Find out how the hair dye you can maximize your appearance, without leaving skin allergy.

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How often do I have to dye your hair?

To combat the roots of graying hair, most people need to dye your hair 4 to 6 weeks. Ensuring the roots when applying hair dye and not on the hair shaft. This is because the hair root is the part that is still “young” and quick absorption. For your hair into sections and then apply hair dye along the root, the area where the growth of hair and then proceed to the tip of the hair. The hairdresser even suggest using cotton to help flatten the colors on the root area of ??the target.

How long should I wait to wash your hair?

After washing the initial stage is when rinsing hair dye, try not to wash your hair until the next 24 hours. It is intended to set the dye. When the wash, choose a shampoo specially formulated for colored hair.

How to make hair color last longer?

Try to avoid to linger in the sun, because light can make hair dye fade faster. In order for hair color last a long time, you can also spray antidote UV spray to the hair is still wet.

If the fear of skin will have a reaction to hair dye, can test a product without having to buy more than one box?

You only need one box if you do coloring dye at home. Buy products dye is at least 2 days before you plan to color your hair, so you can perform allergy tests. The trick Pour about a teaspoon each packaging Colorant and Developer. Combine them in a plastic container. Then apply the mixture with cotton in your elbow area clean and dry. Allow to dry. If it is not a rash or irritation after 2 days, then you can color your hair without fear of causing allergic reactions. However, when the itching or irritation occur, do not use these products.