Various Tips For Hair Long Reviews

Aug 7th

Have a beautiful long hair is so ideal womanhood. Then how do you get your hair long fast? No need to be pulled because it just makes your hair brittle and eventually fall out. Here are tips for your hair quickly grow to a length.

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Various Tips For Hair Long Reviews

1. Blood flow in the head To stimulate hair growth try to increase blood flow in the head so that the supply of nutrients into the area more hair.

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Massage-massage your scalp with your fingertips every day. Do it when the hair wet at the time of shampooing or dry. Do it anytime! Before sleeping keep your head and hair brush with a soft start and the hair root to tip. Perform exercises that put the power of the heart such as aerobics and jogging. These activities stimulate the heart to pump blood throughout the body more quickly so the nutrients to the hair root area to be fast.

2. Remove the ends of damaged hair The ends of damaged hair (dry or cracked) will travel to the hair shaft and causes the hair shaft were damaged if not treated. As a result, overall hair can be more easily damaged, including the new hair growing. To prevent that visit your hair stylist once every 8-10 weeks, and ask him to mentrim ends of your hair. Insist that you want to lengthen the hair so he just cut the ends of hair that just cracked. Usually, the hairdresser will cut it dry because it is very difficult to detect the broken ends of your hair when wet.

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3. Let your scalp breathe The hair is covered will continue to make oil and dirt deposits on the hair roots so that the skin can not breathe. This will make the hair growth become disrupted.

In order for hair growth is running fine, so always keep the scalp clean. If you often sweat, or your hair is oily then it would not hurt to do a wash every day using a very gentle shampoo. Do not forget also to clean the hair dresser, especially the comb! Combs and hair brushes are dirty make dirt piled back stuck to the hair and scalp every time you brush.

4. Pamper your hair Keep in mind that long hair is the hair are old and tend to be fragile, so treat with utmost hati.Pilih gentle shampoo with moisturizing content. If you use a hairdryer, vise and forth, basting with kondisoner and serum after shampooing without flushing. Useful to protect hair from the high temperature. Use a hair mask once a week. In addition, look at the way your hair. Do not be too often tying the hair back tightly. Will make the hair brittle.

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